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China Needs Independent Opposition Parties
Date: 4/14/2006 11:24:39 AM Sender: Shuli Zhang

                                         By Shuli Zhang   10/4/2005

               China Needs Independent Opposition Parties

       China needs independent opposition parties.  Otherwise hope can only be placed upon CCP’s innovation.
       It is not necessary a bad thing when we are disappointed with CCP entirely.  Sometimes, disappointment is more of strength, a relief without any burden.

       In today’s world, all big-power governments are illegal from justice standard.  CCP Government is the autocratic regime.  Certainly it is not the legal government recognized by Chinese people.  Foreign nations may recognize CCP Government’s representing China because of various reasons, but the “represented” Chinese people should be clear of the government’s illegality.  Only by recognizing this illegality, could the Chinese discard the dictatorship and deny the one-party autarchy.  

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