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China Democracy Party World Union
Date: 5/12/2006 10:20:54 AM Sender: By Xueming Fang

                           China Democracy Party World Union

                                          By Xueming Fang 9/27/2005

     The Changes in the Nation and Society Brought by the Reform

     The reform in China has brought deep change to the relation of nation and society.  The nation’s power is shrinking.  The government has abandoned its control over individuals and family affairs.

      Basically, “the private domain” has been liberated, so to speak.  Between the nation and family, the change of economic and public field is opposite.  The economic field has become independent.  “Liberalization” is the characteristics in economy.  However, in the public field, CCP adopts the strict control approach.  There are no rights of speech, publishing, assembly, demonstration, forming groups and parties.

      After “1989”, CCP has suppressed the political opposition activities and independent social organizations ruthlessly.  In this environment, the social classes or groups that may function do not exist.  Whether it is common people, economic or intellectual elites, they can do nothing in politics.

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