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The Blind Spot of the Chinese Economic Development
Date: 5/12/2006 10:26:50 AM Sender: By Xueming Fang

        The Blind Spot of the Chinese Economic Development

                                         By Xueming Fang 9/26/2005

      China lacks energy supply the most.  Since 1998, China has become a gasoline import country.  According to the trend estimated by experts, within 5 to 10 years, the amount of gasoline imported by China will reach new level.  Consequently, some people raise the question of whether the world can afford two America.  Actually, the Chinese government’s energy strategy is obvious: the main point is “buy”.  Although the second biggest natural gas had been discovered in the West of China, the long-term gas supply contracts with Australia and Indonesia were signed.  And the pipelines from Russia and Kazakhstan to the East of China, plus becoming the shareholder of Burmese oil harbor, form the whole picture of China’s energy import.  This is a primary step to avoiding sole dependence and intensifying energy security.

      The second problem is about water.  Water almost restricts all economic activity.

      In fact, the most important factor in economy is human.  It is regretful that in China’s national report, there are only policies on family planning and employment.  Nothing is said on education.  The cycle for education investment is so long that local officials are not willing to increase investment.  They are not evaluated on the point.

      This is the blind spot in China’s economic development.

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