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Mo, RunGang:Despotic Or Democracy
Date: 3/28/2006 12:41:06 PM Sender: Mo, RunGang

                                         Mo, RunGang:Despotic Or Democracy

      The common people in China have their own views on despotic and democracy. A rapidly developing China will have to face the most inclusive topic of "Despotic Or Democracy".
      Democracy in China was once a conscience hope of good will. It is all different now. When Despotic ruling has become the diligent planting machine for democracy, When one party ruling has done like never before with its reach all sensors, invade all fields of people's daily life, democracy has become visible and tangible to the common people.
      What is democracy as recognized by the common people? Being blocked from free information, losing their voice in the society, losing the justice and security of living their real lives, that is what they need as their democracy. Democracy is their everything, is their life and living. Democracy is like their nutrition, their clothes, their air to breathe, democracy is their real life necessity. Only with democracy, can they become a real human being. losing democracy is like losing their rights of living , being slaved, and follow what one party ruler says. Unless all the 1.3 billion people are willing to be the slaves of despotic, democracy will rise and gain its momentum in China .

Mo, RunGang

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