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Autarchy and Terrorism
Date: 5/15/2006 10:35:10 AM Sender: By Qinghua Huang

                                        Autarchy and Terrorism

                                           By Qinghua Huang 11/3/2005

       Most autarkical nations are terrorist ones, which are allies of international terrorism.

       CCP’s military expansion and export of missiles, nuclear technology, as well as hi-tech communications prove my above argument.  Consequently, in order to rid international terrorist forces, other forms of terrorism need to be addressed.  We think that big or small terrorism is the last fort that is against peace, justice, democracy, human rights, and humanitarianism historically.  As a result, anti-terrorism is the same thing as creating a new era of peace, democracy and human rights.  The day when the anti-terrorism fight is won will be the time that the new era comes.

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