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Cities Are Not for People to Make a Living
Date: 5/19/2006 10:30:24 AM Sender: By Zhen Ma

               Cities Are Not for People to Make a Living

                                            By Zhen Ma 10/5/2005

      In China, there is no savior for peasants.  Farmers have to help themselves.  In cities, they become secondary citizens, among whom the better ones will replace those downfalls from state-owned units.

      When competition is more and more vehement, social welfare system will be built up.  It is better for the nation to handle poverty specifically than to eat in the big pot together.   At that time, different interests groups will conflict, but the same game rule will be made.  Society will be activated with diversification.  Consequently, law and system will form in order to keep the ever-adjusted justice.

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