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Democracy Is Speech Right
Date: 5/19/2006 10:32:35 AM Sender: CDP

                                      Democracy Is Speech Right

                                             By Zhen Ma 10/25/2005    

        Democracy is American people marching before the parliament building against abortion.  Also, it is strong opposition party in Congress.  A guest from a program of Radio Canada once said: Democracy is speech right.  The comment is just to the point.

        Language and speech ability are the most main difference between humans and animals.  During thousands of years, words bring happiness and harm to us.  Ancient China had people killed because of their speech.  Modern China is worse than before in terms of the scale of persecution.  The fear of Chinese people toward tragedy caused by speech deepens to bones.  The biggest enemy of democracy is autarchy, which does not allow freedom of speech.  Democracy is speech right.

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