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Our Final Goal Is Realizing Democracy and Freedom
Date: 5/22/2006 10:57:05 AM Sender: By Xiaoying Quan

        Our Final Goal Is Realizing Democracy and Freedom

                                             By Xiaoying Quan 2/8/2006

       Our final goal for democracy and freedom is make China a nation with fairness, democracy, freedom, human right, and legal system.  We hope that all Chinese, who recognize this goal from Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, overseas Chinese, nations, and international organizations, will make relentless effort in discarding dictatorship in China.  We should be the digger for the tomb of Chinese dictatorship.
       The keepers for dictatorship look strong and stubborn superficially.  Actually, they only have strong appearance with rotten interior.  What they are doing loses the public’s support and confidence quickly.  We must take advantage of any chance available to disclose the rotten nature of the dictatorship, publicize the benefit of democratic system.  Do not disappoint.  Do not optimize blindly.  Hope that the whole public will hold the faith on dictatorship to be overridden and democracy to be applied to firmly.

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