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In the Government, There Is an Office for Letters
Date: 5/31/2006 2:10:18 PM Sender: By Yunhua Dong

               In the Government, There Is an Office for Letters and Visits

                                          By Yunhua Dong 10/17/2005

       Office for letters and visits means letters and visits.  Note: the first thing is letters, which tells that leaders like reading letters but visits.

       The method to using office for letters and visits is simple.  Whoever wants to complain needs to ask a person with good handwriting to write in small letter.  If the letters are too big, the paper is going to be big, which changes the nature of question.  Then no one will be able to help you.  After the written complaint is done, it is thrown into mail box.  What is left for you to do is waiting for a leader’s response.  Usually this cycle is quite long.  How long is it?  Nobody knows.  According to the domestic report, someone received a letter that was sent to him 44 years ago.  This certainly is the miracle in the post history, which can apply for Guinness.  However, to people who have cases of injustice, 44 years are too long.  If you can’t wait, please consider the possibility of sending out one more letter.  After you have sent out No. 20 letter and got no response, then think where the problem could be.  Because employees from office for letters and visits generally are pretty responsible, they would not treat your letter as garbage.  Privately, it is hard to say since everyone has the right to treat letter as garbage.

       For example, if you complained your leader in the letter, then the letter will fall into the hand of his/hers.  Don’t take the post office wrong.  The post office is absolutely not possible to send your letter to your leader.  However, comrades from office for letters and visits would transfer every letter of yours to your leader carefully and write “Please handle properly”.  This is official words.  According to ordinary people’s words, it is “You handle according to the situation”.  After your leader got the words, his/her look to you becomes different.  From this point, you can judge the whereabouts of your 20 letters.

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