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CCP Army Is the Backbone for Privilege
Date: 6/2/2006 2:08:34 PM Sender: By Cuiqing Geng

                    CCP Army Is the Backbone for Privilege

                                         By Cuiqing Geng 9/26/2005

       CCP army consists of soldiers from poor regions only.  They are famous for hard-working, and uncivilization.  This is what CCP needs most for its autarkical administration.  Once the soldiers and officers get education with technology, things will become worse for CCP.

       CCP always gives its army privilege, and the army becomes the backbone to protect CCP’s special interests.  The army is the core of and belongs to CCP.  The nation does not own the army.  The military is the most stubborn and backward strength for the one-party autarchy.

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