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This Is How Chinese Rich Men Are Generated
Date: 6/2/2006 2:17:29 PM Sender: By Jinghua Jin

              This Is How Chinese Rich Men Are Generated

                                          By Jinghua Jin 5/9/2006

       Chinese well-to-do men are generated through splitting state-owned assets between officials and bosses.  State property loses.  Decision makers are every level of CCP officials, not bosses.  Subsequently, the biggest causer and beneficiary of the assets loss is the autarkical power and officials who lead national enterprises reform.  In the process of losing the possessions, many wealthy men, whose real statuses are party and government officials and private bosses, are created.  

       These rich people are black-hearted and unscrupulous; economists used by the central government are outrageous.  They have become defenders for the crippled reform and privileged interests.  However, under the autarchy, is it impossible to make a fortune with conscience?  Are private bosses worse than CCP officials?  From my view point, CCP officials are the worst.  Private bosses emergent from the folk are small guys compared with profiteers from the privileged class; small guys without power can only smile, bribe, evade tax, cheat, and fake.  The privileged monopolize power and resources.  They are bribed.  Also, they rob and split materials openly or semi-openly with might.  Even more, they enjoy things without any input.

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