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The Evil under CCP Might
Date: 6/15/2006 1:52:26 PM Sender: By Jinghua Jin

                                      The Evil under CCP Might

                                           By Jinghua Jin 4/29/2006

       Under CCP’s close monitor, people live a life without freedom and dignity like in hell.  Many stay abroad, burn themselves, or are imprisoned.  Some of them didn’t know who killed them when dead.  It can be seen that how strong CCP’s cheating cover is.

       When a person, a group, or a party owns supreme authorities over the public, national, and people’s interests, individual dignity, and laws, whatever is wanted can be done.  Law, as the tool to fool people and play the public will, becomes useless.  Human relation will become one for humans to eat each other.  The society will become where humans eat each other.  The wanton persecution in Chinese society has warned people coated by money and materials that Chinese people are still staying deeply in political darkness and terror.  Defiance of life, tramp on dignity, and persecution as in the Cultural Revolution are all over.  Under the evil of might, anyone may lose his/her human rights, freedoms, life and dignity.

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