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Hold the Attention to Farmers
Date: 6/15/2006 1:56:34 PM Sender: By Chaomin Luo

                               Hold the Attention to Farmers

                                          By Chaomin Luo 5/1/06

       Chinese peasants are always betrayed and sacrificed by the CCP authority.  In half the century, over 0.9 billion farmers are discriminated and live a miserable life.

       Household system makes peasants inferior.  And exploitation causes poverty to them.  After Zemin Jiang took over the power, the policy of “betraying peasants and pleasing urban residents” was made; rural area was sacrificed for cities; agriculture was deprived for industry.  Chinese social development was severely imbalanced.  According to the statistics, from year 2000, the gap between cities and countrysides has turned back to the level before 1978; from year 2004, the average foodstuff per capita dropped to the lowest level in over twenty years; the average arable land per capita is decreasing to the lowest point historically.  International recognition is that there are 0.2 billion poor people in China.  Most of those are farmers.  Big cities have built up skyscrapers and highways while rural area is crappy.

      Although the current government is trying to deduct taxation for peasants, many problems can not be solved easily.

      If dominators don’t change themselves and understand the public’s will in order to adapt to the historic development, the 0.9 billion farmers will lead the trend of social change in China.  The nation might disintegrate.

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