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Start from the Weak Group for Civil Rights
Date: 6/15/2006 2:00:27 PM Sender: By Chaomin Luo

                Start from the Weak Group for Civil Rights

                                           By Chaomin Luo 4/19/06

      In such a society that has been ignoring human rights for a long time, the protection should start from the ordinary people of the weak group, not those with certain positions.  Only when every citizen’s liberties are secured, will they really become a society’s norm and practice.  The American author of “The times of rights” pointed out in his book: “Individual rights are the touchstone of a legal government.”  The French “Human rights declaration” in 1789 stated that negligence and defiance of individual liberties is the only reason for a corrupt government to make the public suffer.

      Laws protect every citizen’s rights, and they should protect those from the weak group, “bringing firewood to the unaffordable when there’s snow”.  Human rights become the custom of our age partly because of the development, industrialization and urbanization.  People have reached the consensus: Every man and woman, between birth and death, are entitled to intactness and dignity that can not be offended.  In order to uphold everyone’s civil rights, we should keep our vision on the lowest-class people.

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