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What Kind of Democracy Does CCP Advocate?
Date: 6/22/2006 10:43:24 AM Sender: By Chaomin Luo

                                           What Kind of Democracy Does CCP Advocate?

                                                    By Chaomin Luo 3/27/06

      China must build up true democratic system, not expand democracy as proposed by CCP.  The so-called democracy by CCP means partisan democracy.  If a non-CCP person is talking about building democratic system in China, he/she will lose freedom of speech or be punished as subversion of the nation if serious.  The ruling CCP decides how and when to do democracy.  Other parties and religious dignitaries don’t need to involve in democracy.  CCP knows what it is doing.  Under this kind of political climate, does China have democracy?

      In recent years, CCP has found itself corrupt to the extreme.  In order to win the public, CCP enforces election in village level.  In the Chinese parliament, a few non-CCP representatives are mixed.  Why not implement election in national, provincial or municipal levels?  Even in the lowest level, not everyone can run for the position.  Candidates are determined by dominators.  Nominees don’t need to make any speech.  Voters can only vote for one in the set name list.  This is the democratic politics that CCP advocates.

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