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Resist the Society that Infringes Human Rights
Date: 6/22/2006 10:45:37 AM Sender: By Zhaoqian Meng

                                         Resist the Society that Infringes Human Rights

                                                   By Zhaoqian Meng 3/8/2006

       To a nation that does not respect human rights at all, it is impossible to improve the human condition internally.  International pressure is needed.  Firstly, a person who is deprived of individual rights should collect evidence.  Then he/she can go to international human rights court to sue the party.  Although the international court can not enter these autarkical countries to catch the criminals, they will be arrested whenever possible with the monitor everywhere and all the time.  For example, when the person is abroad or the leader of the country is changed.  In a nutshell, a person who infringes human rights can not lead a happy life.  They will be punished someday.
       To a nation that respects human rights halfway, it is possible to improve the condition internally.  These nations have signed the UN human rights treaty, but they try to avoid the relevant requirement.  In such circumstance, various legal tools such as newspaper, radio broadcast, and TV within the law frame of the country need be used for fight. Legitimate march and demonstration can be organized to disclose the infringement too.  Meantime,international forces need be called to involve in those cases.  Generally, these countries’law does not comply with the requirement of civil liberties, e.g. keep“Zhuanzheng”to some people. (Zhuanzheng means no human rights) or discrimination to certain groups.  Under such condition, legal approach is not enough.  Illegal one such as organizing underground activities is dangerous.  Subsequently, the legal one should be utilized to the most although it is slower and takes longer to accomplish the goal.  The advanced forces within the government should be adopted to enhance human rights.  The government is not a one piece iron.  There are people who sympathize others in the government.

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