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Supremacy Can Control and Exchange Wealth
Date: 6/22/2006 10:47:15 AM Sender: By Enlu Qiu

                                            Supremacy Can Control and Exchange Wealth

                                                       By Enlu Qiu 4/26/06

      Currently, severely unfair allocation exists in Chinese society.  It does not mainly mean the income gap, but the vast unjustly obtained fortune by controlling administrative power.  The Chinese public does not hate the big revenue gap, but the new privileged who graft and are bribed.   People can not accept such social reality: On the one hand, a small bunch of the privileged has become profiteer by using special command.  Alternatively, millions of ordinary workers are forced off their jobs in the poverty, in which their basic living right are not protected.

      Chinese social possessions mainly do not go to people who work hard and abide by laws in business, but to those who hold the special authority, flatter the privileged, or graft and corrupt.  It is not the result of reform regarding the sternly undue provision.  It is just because the reform is incomplete and unfulfilled so that huge systemic loopholes make CCP officials have opportunities to take advantage.  CCP leaders can abuse their influence to plunder assets.  Subsequently, serious wealth gap has been caused.  The contradiction between the people and the public servants is worsening.  Various disputes in the social life are increasing.

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