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Struggle for Chinese Democracy
Date: 6/23/2006 4:06:31 PM Sender: By Juan Wang

                                                 Struggle for Chinese Democracy

                                                     By Juan Wang 3/24/06

      CCP has never prioritized the public’s appeal especially after it took over the power.  CCP always emphasizes its own absolute dominance.  Revolution, material, money, natural resources, environmental damage, psychic distortion, and arm forces could be used to suppress the people.

      CCP is the biggest ruling party in human history.  The sin of CCP is very deep.  For example, the Tiananmen Square massacre made many families incomplete.  CCP is a super gangster that treats the nation as its own private enterprise.  That the Chinese people struggle for democracy means fighting for human rights, as well as living and developing rights.  Today, Chinese democracy movement has reached the take-off stage.  We should keep summarizing the history and anticipate the democratic future in full respects so that the fooling domination placed upon us by CCP will be terminated sooner.  We won’t relent if the goal is not achieved.

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