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What’s Behind the Mine Disasters?
Date: 6/24/2006 12:52:12 PM Sender: By Juan Wang 3/24/06

                                               What’s Behind the Mine Disasters?

                                                     By Juan Wang 3/24/06

     China not only creates the “world record” of mine disasters, but also is the long-time keeper.  Every month, there are big calamities while every day there are small ones.  The tragedy makes people in tension and sad.  Three groups are involved: workers, bad mine owners, and corrupt officials.  With the incessant happenings, the three groups emerge with more and more figures.  People can see how severe the Chinese society is polarized.

     Every accident is astonishing: soaking water, collapse, gas burning and explosion.  Hundreds of lives lost in every hellish mine.  Photos taken from the spot are too tragic to be seen.  Mine disasters with “Farmers lose their sons.  Bosses earn money.” happens again and again like striking devil.  Every conscious Chinese should stand up to drive out the wicked devil.  

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