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The Emergence of Sand Storm Is the Result of Envir
Date: 6/27/2006 9:41:32 AM Sender: Juan Wang

                              The Emergence of Sand Storm Is the Result of Environmental Damage

                                                      By Juan Wang 4/24/06

      In spring of 2006, the most severe sand storm appeared in many areas in Northern China.  The floating dust in Beijing held people’s attention.  Is this the natural disaster or the mistake made by human beings?  During recent years, lots of forests have been destroyed for arable land and wild creatures such as sparrow have been massively killed so that sand storm, locusts, and flood, etc take place very often.  There are weather and human factors in the happenings.
      On the issue related to pollution management and economic development, the Chinese should contemplate carefully: In the past when environmental problem was raised by foreigners, Chinese had been very upset that the development would be restricted if pollution management came first.  The Chinese government should reflect as well.  Sand storm is the punishment by nature toward violation of natural discipline in economic development.  If natural discipline is not complied to, nature will be punitive.  Environment and development are not always conflicting.  They can be harmonious.  The Chinese government does not place importance on its coordination.  Every year, leaders plant and seed just like doing a show.

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