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Chinese People Are Suffering Physically and Spirit
Date: 6/27/2006 9:43:25 AM Sender: Juan Wang

                                   Chinese People Are Suffering Physically and Spiritually

                                                       By Juan Wang 3/24/06

      Corruption comes with power.  Chinese people don’t have any power, so they can’t corrupt.  The CCP authority owns absolute power.  Because power causes corruption, absolute power causes absolute corruption.  In a corrupt social environment, the Chinese people are suffering dual miseries-physically and spiritually.   

      On the one hand, it is physical hard work.   The CCP corrupt group exploits the people crazily.  The helpless people can only work hard without getting more.  We should make one fact clear: All taxations levied are in the hands of the corrupt group.  The corrupt group was made rich through the ordinary people’s unselfish dedication.
On the other hand, there is spiritual hardship.  People with fixed income from salary are experiencing hearty pain, not to mention those in the backward rural area.  Five aspects are shown: 1. Not much money for basic expenditure.  2. Children’s payment for school.  3. It is very hard to get things done in the society.  4. No medical insurance.  5. Not safe on streets.

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