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Corruption Will Bring Huge Disasters to the Chines
Date: 6/27/2006 9:44:59 AM Sender: Xiaohong Xia

                                    Corruption Will Bring Huge Disasters to the Chinese People

                                                     By Xiaohong Xia 4/1/2006

       China can not root out corruption because the phenomenon comes from the central instead of the local or regional.  China only adopts local measures.  As a result, journalists are allowed to investigate and disclose some small cases and low-level officials, but continue pursuing the big, top ones.  The corruption of the CCP regime has brought enormous misery to the Chinese people.  Although CCP has taken the symbolic anti-corruption action, the depth of bribery is intensifying. The life of Chinese people becomes tougher.  It is unimaginable of future disaster suffered by the Chinese people.

       In Chinese history, there occurred countless official corruptions.  Some were so severe that they were recorded in books.  However, China still stands in the world.  Why?  Although the governments had been corrupt, the Chinese people are full of wisdom and strength.  The corruption of Qing Dynasty provoked the nation’s father Zhongshan Sun, and Republic of China was founded; the collapse of the nationalist party made CCP build up an autarkical China.  As a leader of the ruling party, he/she must understand the point that corruption will bring huge disasters to the Chinese people.

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