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This is How the Phase of No Speech Right for Farme
Date: 6/27/2006 9:46:29 AM Sender: Wenqiang Xu

                                    This is How the Phase of No Speech Right for Farmers Formed

                                                      By Wenqiang Xu 5/2/06

      Don’t Chinese people want to speak?  Yes, they do.  However, Chinese peasants make no sound in this world.  They become the quietest group in the resourceful planet.  We can hardly hear them.  Why?

      Chinese farmers think that some things are needless to say.  So they don’t say.  Living in the familiar, unopened environment, everyone knows each other inside out.  There is no need to verbalize.  Countrymen are stuck in words while suffering.  They can only scold and exclaim without speech.  Officials talk in meetings.  Correspondents speak up in media.  Scholars express their opinions in field magazines.  Teachers remark in lectures.  Commentators post words in the web.  Where can the farmers say?  They don’t have a place.  Some do not allow peasants to speak like “A Q” not allowed the revolution.   This is using one speech right to block another one.  Main stream words and laws are utilized to kill peasants’ speech right.
      From here on, the phase of no speech right for Chinese peasants is formed.

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