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The Severe Situation on China’s Decline in Moral
Date: 6/27/2006 9:48:19 AM Sender: Wenqiang Xu

                                       The Severe Situation on China’s Decline in Moral

                                                      By Wenqiang Xu 2/17/06

       China’s autarkical system can be reformed with a democratic one; corruption can be ridded through social mechanism of democracy, fairness, and justice, etc; allocation irrationality can be solved through taxation, anti-monopoly law, and social welfare system.  The most difficult thing is to straighten out the decline in social moral.  The situation can not be changed overnight.  Lies, bad credit, dishonesty, and selfishness are systemized and nationalized.  In addition, low moral will change Chinese gene and bring disaster not only to the Chinese but also all human beings.  

       As a product of the autarchy, bad moral is sent to the world with false, inferior commodities.  People of the world will disgust it.  Every Chinese should understand: China is experiencing the most brutal stage with corruption, unfair allocation in revenue, and declining moral historically.  All these are due to the autarkical system.  Only by terminating the one-party autarchy, will there be hope for China.

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