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How the Chinese Public Servants Think
Date: 6/27/2006 9:49:40 AM Sender: Dong Zhang

                                              How the Chinese Public Servants Think

                                                      By Dong Zhang 11/8/05

      Chinese society is not about unfair allocation of fortune.  There is no absolute fairness in the world.
      In cities, corruption made thousands of enterprises bankrupt.  Lots of workers are unemployed.  Peasants have to leave their hometown to work.  The number of unemployed workers and peasants reaches almost 200 million.  What are the public servants going to do this time?  They say “Join World Trade Organization”.  On the one hand, they will run away to foreign countries more conveniently.  Conversely, Western investments will soothe the employment pressure which the public servants can not handle.  The Chinese public servants have a lot of methods.  This is the characteristics of an autarchy nation.

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