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Peasants’ Land Are Deprived
Date: 6/27/2006 9:52:28 AM Sender: Dong Zhang

                                                  Peasants’ Land Are Deprived

                                                      By Dong Zhang 11/9/05

      After CCP took over the power, peasants’ rights have been deprived so much that a series of structural crisis are impeding agricultural development.

      The primary reason for peasants’ misery is deprivation of land.  The CCP regime had been the one and only evil landlord.  Even after the reform, the revenue from land sale are allocated and used by the local officials.  In addition, the nation is also involved in the reallocation of land with buy low, sell high.  Land ownership is the main asset of peasants.  When the ownership is deprived, peasants lose the prime living tool.

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