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The Root of Corruption Is Systemic Problem
Date: 6/27/2006 9:53:39 AM Sender: Yuan Zhang

                                           The Root of Corruption Is Systemic Problem

                                                   By Yuan Zhang   11/3/2005

      Corruption case comes one after another.  All those happenings prove that China’s corruption is systemic and obstinate.

      The heroes who believe in Communism are not comparable with the modern ones who believe in “money”.  The heads of transportation bureau of Henan Province, Tianjin City, Sichuan Province, and Hunan Province, etc have been sentenced because of graft and corruption.  And it is not only about the transportation bureau.  As long as CCP doesn’t give right back to market and people, corruption is going to be eternal.

      Absolute power without monitor, no political right for the public, and reform without restriction from multi political forces will lead to systemic corruption for sure.  And the way to get rid of it is making systemic innovation.

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