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The Separation of CCP Is a Time Issue
Date: 6/27/2006 9:55:17 AM Sender: Yuan Zhang

                                             The Separation of CCP Is a Time Issue

                                                   By Yuan Zhang   4/27/2006

      China’s constitution is messy.  On the one hand, it protects private property.  Alternatively, it continues to keep the state-owned system as crucial.  Consequently, people secretly transfer their property abroad.

      People do not regard China as their home.  Chinese environment is becoming worse and worse.  Resources are exhausted.  Corruption makes the society shaky.  The public ask to abolish state-owned system, protect civil rights, give land back to farmers, build orderly market economy, and construct constitutional government.  The possibility for the conscious people within CCP, middle class, intellectual elites and ordinary people to mix together is on the way.  In future China, liberal parties are foreseeable.  No matter how CCP tries to resist the historic wave, its separation is not avoidable.

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