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The Cheating Method of Chinese Government Is World
Date: 6/27/2006 9:58:39 AM Sender: Yuwen Zhu

                                     The Cheating Method of Chinese Government Is World No.1

                                                     By Yuwen Zhu 11/21/2005

      Several years ago, Sars was epidemic in big cities.  The plague made it not easy for the Chinese government to cheat the public.  However, most of the contagions happen in rural area, especially the meager area.  For example, the bird flu took place in the farming area this year.  And farmer could do nothing with it.
      The government behavior during the epidemic of Sars and bird flu indicates that most of the officials have never been kind-hearted to the people.  People’s lives are mistreated in order for officials to show feats and be promoted.   
      In China, there is no freedom of news.  Plague is stored in black box like corruption.  Persons who talk are not real experts.  Real experts are excluded because of telling the truth.  CCP’s burocracy can not cope with crisis happened suddenly.  According to CCP tradition, a problem can only be talked about after it is solved.  The cheating method can be said as world No. 1.

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