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Peasants Are Discriminated in China
Date: 6/27/2006 10:00:09 AM Sender: Yuwen Zhu

                                             Peasants Are Discriminated in China

                                                     By Yuwen Zhu 2/24/2006

     Chinese household system discriminates peasants, who are restricted to entering cities to work and live.  Peasants’ freedom of moving is infringed and a series of severe social problems has been brought along.  The peasants who are counted as the majority of population contribute a lot to industrialization and modernization, but they do not enjoy much of social benefit.
      Land is the most precious asset from which a farmer’s food, clothes, and living come.  However, the right of owning the land has been deprived by the regime.  Every level of government occupies the land and makes fortune through the property sale.  On the other hand, millions of farmers live a miserable life when having to leave their earth.  The rights of participation in politics are diluted to almost none.  Most participants of every level of people’s representative meeting are cadres.  Few are real farmers.  The equality that a farmer is entitled to is destroyed every now and then.

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