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Jianhua Sun: The CCP Claims Supervision and Anti-C
Date: 6/27/2006 10:04:43 AM Sender: Jianhua Sun

                                   Jianhua Sun: The CCP Claims Supervision and Anti-Corruption

      Corruption is prevailing in China, even according to the CCP, there are bunch of huge corruption cases. People are always inquiring: where is the social supervision? What aspect of the system contains problem? The CCP claims supervision and anti-corruption too, but when it refers to huge case which is involving higher-ranking officials, it will end up with nothing. Any case will have its limit to reach to a certain ranking officials. This is the rule and the need for stability. After CCP’s endless movements, people are become used to it and more sophisticated. Supervise your boss? There is a joke, a officer reminds his boss that he/she should take care of his/her health, don’t work too hard. This is called supervision.

      People all like adulation, there is a proverb says good advice is harsh to the ear. The higher-ranking the governmental officials are, the bigger ego they have, and it is more perilous to provoke them. Whom do you want to supervise? Your boss promoted you and you want to supervise him/her? Maybe adulation is more reasonable. If someone is insensible and ignore the actual situation, it may suitable for a actor’s line: “Shit, are you serious about it?” If you dare to do this, then your boss will fire you immediately. But even that is tiny, if your boss doesn’t charge a crime on you, it is his/her incapability.

Jianhua Sun

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