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Jianhua Sun: The Implementation of Constitution Ca
Date: 6/27/2006 10:07:20 AM Sender: Jianhua Sun

                            Jianhua Sun: The Implementation of Constitution Cannot Be Distorted

       Let us review China’s history of constitution in the last hundred years. As we can see, constitution is a beautiful vase, and sometimes a tool designed to fool people. The Chinese officials blatantly make the constitution and claim to obey to it, on the other hand, they consider constitution is their obstacle to the monarchy. In fact, to be a enlightened monarch is not a bad thing. But when refers to a political system, democracy is the best one. Only democracy can bring happiness to the entire Chinese population.

       To implement the constitution is constitutional politics. After the found of new China, constitutional politics is rarely mentioned. As we all see, constitutional politics is better than having no regulations. The precondition for a constitutional politics is to have a virtuous constitution. Currently, China’s constitution has many flaws. For example, how to value and balance the CCP’s domination and people’s rights; how to deal the working-class’s domination and the union of workers and farmers. In general, China’s constitution is a virtuous constitution, but when it comes to implementation, it is distorted.

Jianhua Sun

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