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No Democracy Can Be Find in China
Date: 6/27/2006 10:08:51 AM Sender: Xingju Ling

                                                No Democracy Can Be Find in China

                                                         By: Xingju Ling

       The CCP has realized their deep corruption. In order to appease popular indignation, they have to pose a position and hold a democratic election in China’s villages. Also, they intentionally add few non-CCP people in the National People’s Congress deputy. But the CCP doesn’t allow any democratic election to be held among the highest-level or provincial, city level. Even among the lowest level of election, not everyone can be qualified as a candidate. The list of candidate is selected by its higher-level officials. Furthermore, those candidates don’t need any public speech, all people need do is to just select a person on the pre-decided name list.

       For the CCP, the alleged democracy can be only applied to the CCP members, but not to any non-CCP people. If any non-CCP member dares to advocate democracy in public, his/her words will be covered, or even more, he/she will be convicted to a crime of overthrowing the country’s regime. Whether, how, and when to apply democracy is solely under the control of CCP. Those Democratic Party or religious people are unable to advocate democracy because they are under the CCP’s regime and have to obey what the CCP wants to do. Under such a political atmosphere, how can we find democracy in China?

XIngju Ling

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