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Tai Ying Chen: Behind Prosperity is Poorness and U
Date: 6/27/2006 10:10:19 AM Sender: Tai Ying Chen

                               Tai Ying Chen: Behind Prosperity is Poorness and Underdevelopment

     Because the government turfs their city, many China’s cities become famous at a time. But within recent ten years, this situation has become common. Almost every city, regardless small or big, has competed to grow big and precious trees. From scenery area to boulevard adjacent to mountains and water, everywhere is sprinkled with very precious species such as camphor tree, ginkgo and cedar. Even the protected species like thousands years old pine, has been moved into CCP’s courtyard and villa. Soon, a business line between the remote forest and the prosperous city was formed. The mountains and forests were destroyed and pay the price for a better-looking city. No one has any argument about the deterioration of the ecological system. To the city’s people, it seems common enough to enjoy their lives. And those trees which have experienced a poor and tough environment, attained a better life under the city with a corrupt system, and on their body recorded the poor and underdevelopment in their original place.

     The faulty system CCP has leads to a ultimate corruption. A prosperous and luxurious city is based on the low income of farmers and the unemployed workers without social security. Behind the CCP officials’ corruption and luxury is weak group’s cry and groan.

Taiying Chen

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