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Taiying Chen: Any Country Should Love Its Subject
Date: 6/27/2006 10:11:38 AM Sender: Taiying Chen

                                        Taiying Chen: Any Country Should Love Its Subject

      There is no fairness in China, not in the past, now, or maybe future. when any educated people need to spend their whole life’s deposit to buy a house; when one kid’s tuition would empty his/her family’s all deposit; when the investment in stock market becomes a solely donation, which flows into the bosses of public corporations; when a farmer’s annually income is less than a dinner’s expenditure for some rich people, most people have to live frugally and deposit every cent of their money. The ordinary people in China are poor. They don’t have much fortune, and their money has been split into the bank, house, and stock market. It seems they have lots of money, but actually, those money cannot flow freely, it’s all frozen money.

       No country’s economy can be spurred just by several luxurious brand of product. Besides, those luxurious products have nothing to do with the ordinary people. Our citizen is far from becoming rich, but they already exhaust all they have for their kid’s tuition. Why would this happen? Why does China’s reform turn out to be such a situation? The money for education, house, and market exhaust all ordinary people’s savings. What kind of reform is this? Which super rich country exploited its citizen’s money so crazy in the past? If a country doesn’t love its subject, it has no right to require its subject to love her.

Taiying Chen

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