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Taiying Chen: Fundamentally Prevents the Corruptio
Date: 6/27/2006 10:13:14 AM Sender: Taiying Chen

                                    Taiying Chen: Fundamentally Prevents the Corruption

       To mitigate the corruption in China, we must fundamentally reform its political system. The corruption of the CCP cannot be healed by itself. Any reforms the CCP launches only have different forms but not essential change. It is only a way to cheat virtuous people.

      “Virtue” is a measurement for one’s overall quality. In today’s society with more and more corruption, if we only rely on governmental official’s “virtue” to eliminate  corruption, it is impossible. The only way to strengthen our country and enrich our people is to alter the situation of “political power is above the law” or “only one party rules.” If political power is always above the law or the CCP is above all, China will have no hope. In order to make our country and subjects more powerful and rich, we must establish a democratic system from higher to lower level, let the citizen to choose their competent leader, overthrow the incompetent one. Thus, the government will be placed under a democratic supervision and their subject will have the right to criticize their policy. Only through this way can we fundamentally prevent the corruption to the most extent.

Taiying Chen

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