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Yueli Ke: I Want to Cry Out for China’s HIV Orphan
Date: 6/27/2006 10:14:30 AM Sender: Yueli Ke

                                   Yueli Ke: I Want to Cry Out for China’s HIV Orphan

     Because the Chinese Government is irresponsible to its subject and loses the control over HIV, the HIV has being prevailing in some certain area for a long time and threatening people’s lives. Those people are living in a miserable and dangerous situation.

     I came from China’s HeNan province, where prevails with HIV. Many people died of HIV; some families’ couple died and left many HIV orphans. Those orphans, however, don’t contain any HIV virus. They are healthy. But because their parents were infected with HIV, those orphans are discriminated and inhospitably treated by others. Even though they have checked for their HIV antibody, and the result is negative, which proves their aren’t infected by HIV and are healthy, still many people try their best to avoid them. HIV orphans are healthy and they don’t infect any HIV virus, so we should treat them equally. We should get rid of the dread of HIV and correct our mind and behaviors.

     The attitude Chinese government hold toward HIV, is not only a matter of humanity, but also a responsibility. When Chinese Government increases the investment for supervision, preventing and healing HIV, they must also reinforce the propaganda of how to preventing from HIV, let people know the way how HIV spreads, and remove people’s dread of HIV, treat HIV people with a open mind. I sincerely hope there will be more nice people take care and rescue those weak group.

Yueli Ke

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