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Yueli Ke: China’s Courts Antagonize Their Citizen
Date: 6/27/2006 10:16:11 AM Sender: Yueli Ke

                                      Yueli Ke: China’s Courts Antagonize Their Citizen

      The CCP has built many various courts all around the country. But a lot of people aren’t even clear whether these courts are served for people or designed to go against people. The CCP seems to be powerful, they also established many branches. Then they can claim run the country according to the law. Yet, this concept causes such a situation: those people who are not serious about the laws can seize or release whomever they want. They also have the power to decide how many years a person should be in jail. This kind of ruling makes the citizen scrupulous about their daily behaviors, afraid of any wrongdoing that might bring them a harsh penalty.

      Those people who fool the laws then became careless because nobody can restrict them. But let us tell them something: don’t go too far; you need some conscience, but
not using criminal law to persecute people without a thought. If some people believe conscience is not important, than they should know what is “providence.” Occasionally, after three “special period,” there was a big political change in China and Soviet Union. We believe all CCP members know what providence is about. It is heard that many CCP high-ranking officials burn joss sticks and pray constantly. Those people may have a better understanding of providence.

Yueli Ke

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