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Yueli Ke: Constructing a Democratic Constitution N
Date: 6/27/2006 10:17:14 AM Sender: Yueli Ke

                        Yueli Ke: Constructing a Democratic Constitution Needs Every Chinese’s Effort

      There is no doubt that China will have a democratic constitution. It is because democratic constitution is the best social system we can find so far. Now the challenge is how to push China from a tyrannical regime to a democratic one gradually, let the country which has the most population in the world become a democratic country.

      There is a good proverb in China: the future is promising, yet the road is distressful. And the kind of hardness, may be only a blink in the history of human’s civilization, is the lifetime for a individual. Furthermore, even a certain aspect of a nation, a country, or a society’s history of development is not straightforward. Democratic constitution is the right direction, but we cannot wait for it to come. As a Chinese citizen, we must participate ourselves into China’s democratic process. Can we expect a promising future of a democratic China? The answer is yes. And it depends on our every Chinese citizen’s effort.

Yueli Ke

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