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The only way to punish the corrupt officials
Date: 6/27/2006 3:18:20 PM Sender: Xueqing Li

                                         The only way to punish the corrupt officials

                                                        By: Xueqing Li
      The Chinese citizens always live at the bottom of the society. They fervently hope that their nation will have an uncorrupted political system.  However, they don't have any power to say something to privilege.  So they have to bear the exploit of the corrupt government officials.  In the corrupt society, they can't get a fair payment from their work. The only thing they can do is to watch the people who have power to drive the cars along the street, roar past them, and splash the dirty water on the road and on their clothes.  
      The common people were born in the lowly families. They couldn't have any expectations for the corruption scandals of Chinese communist party.  We should take the lid off show the truth and punish them harshly.  Otherwise, the citizen will no any hopes.
      Even though, China's reform and openness have made Chinese people cheerful, as result of the strong control of Chinese Communist Party's bureaucrat system, it caused the unreasonable income increase dramatically. The corrupt rings have risen at this historic period. This is not the momentum of reform and openness, but the fault of the stagnation of the reform of the Chinese political system.

Xueqing Li

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