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What the corrupt officials fear
Date: 6/27/2006 3:20:44 PM Sender: Xueqing Li

                                                What the corrupt officials fear

                                                         By Xueqing Li

       There are "three fears" for the Chinese corrupt officials.
       First, they fear their wife.  Because their wife live with them everyday.  They know the real story about the corrupt officials on what they did.  they can't afford to displease their wife.
       Second, they fear the pilfers.  One of the heads of Beijing municipal government who grafted 200,000 yuan, and has been ferreted out a lot of money that 1.6 million yuan after discovered his crime.  Before, he couldn't sleep well.  The reason was he afraid stolen.  In order to avoid it, he prepared over 10,000 yuan at home to put it on the table and easily to found.  Therefore, if the thieves come, they will satisfy with the money and leave soon. In that case, they couldn't find the further detail of his corruption.
      Third, they fear their .lover.  Because their relationship between the corrupt officials is a complete deal.  They know a lot of things about the corrupt officials.  Some of them fear the lover writing diary since they will write out some secret deal.  Once it comes to the light, they will be utterly discredited.

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