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Chinese corruption officials follow in their leade
Date: 6/27/2006 3:24:38 PM Sender: Xueqing Li

                                Chinese corruption officials follow in their leaders’ footsteps

                                                         By Xueqing Li

       The civilian in China often blame the government and its connected departments for their corruption nowadays. They will say: the government officials have their food and drink freely.  They can change something that belongs to the public into themselves randomly. It happens far and wide. The officials' bonus is several times more than their salary.  We know the corruption of government officials, even delivery room's management, hospitals, and schools follow their lead.

       If someone goes to the hospital, the doctors will scare you to death. You will be forced to willing to give them money. If you need to have an operation, you have to bring more money to them. This had become a habit. How can the poor people see a doctor? The Chinese Communist Party's officials want the political power. Meanwhile, they need material benefit. For winning the trust of people, local governments create a "corruption censorship committee" to curb the corruption. It looks plausible to be against corruption, but it only keeps up appearance. Actually, the officials hold back the truth to both their superiors and inferiors. They changed the major matter of corruption into minor one and made the minor matter become nothing. If anything that is important enough to impact the society has happened, the officials will go out of their way to cover it up. Gradually, more and more corruption happened. The officials will pick up a small matter to be perfunctory. This is normal thing everywhere that they put store by fawn, just take care of the main leaders, and put the general cadre aside. In these circumstances, the inferiors follow in their superiors' footsteps. The general public still has to endure suffering. We should change this situation, if not it will be very difficult to eradicate China's corruption.

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