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Qinghong Zhai: China Is a Big Country of Making Fa
Date: 6/30/2006 9:08:37 AM Sender: Qinghong Zhai

                                     Qinghong Zhai: China Is a Big Country of Making Fake News

    China doesn’t only have fake wine, fake medicine, fake rice, but also fake news.  Why does that happen?  Nowadays, there are many fake news in China. The so-called fake news mainly indicates a paid-news in China.  In order to pursue economic benefit, some journalists report a fact or phenomenon which is not actually belonging to news.  This is fake news. Why would this happen?  

     CCP’s tyrannical system creates a fake society.  The trait of the society decides the emergence of fake news as an inevitable phenomenon.  There are two types of fake news. The first one is designed to protect the tyrannical ruling or political impact.  The news is not telling truth but tries to distort or cover the fact.  The other one contains commercial manipulation. Some companies give journalists huge economic benefit to advertise their product by the form of news.  When this kind of phenomena become prevailing, our society will turn into a fake society.  In fact, the fake news has already jeopardized the safety of the whole society in China.  

Qinghong Zhai

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