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Qinghong Zhai: Only Have Enemies, But No Friends
Date: 6/30/2006 9:09:46 AM Sender: Qinghong Zhai

                                       Qinghong Zhai: Only Have Enemies, But No Friends

      CCP has real enemies, but not real friends.  There is only temporarily utilization between each other, but not a long-term ally.  The trait of CCP is incompatible with tradition and justice, it goes against a normal society.  It is because any normal society is traditional.  In other words, they have their own tradition, especially for China, which has a long time tradition.  

      The enemies of CCP, regardless they are domestic or foreign, are primarily the same.  In the past, CCP are used to applying force to achieve its goals, but now they are more intended to use economic resort.  Based on the needs for combat, the CCP also applies the strategy of “being united to fight,” they will consider whom to unite to or rely on, but this is only using them temporarily.  As long as the CCP squeeze you to dry or you lose your value for CCP, you will be abandoned, brainwashed or reconstructed into a part of the CCP, or more straightforwardly, being annihilated. Under a tyrannical regime, the CCP can do whatever they want.  They define the way you exist. Being experienced of doing this, the CCP becomes ego-centered and extremely arrogant.  This is why they dare to suppress “Falun Gong” without any hesitation, antagonize millions of Falun Gong members.  Such a stupid behavior led the CCP into a big dilemma.  Only to perish is their best choice.

Qinghong Zhai

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