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Qinghong Zhai: The Apologies from Chinese Official
Date: 6/30/2006 9:10:56 AM Sender: Qinghong Zhai

                                       Qinghong Zhai: The Apologies from Chinese Officials

       The apologies from Chinese officials because of misconduct seem to be increasing. From the media such as magazine, radio station, and TV, it is not unusual for us to find these similar reports: a governmental officer apologized to his district citizen for his incorrect decision-making, which caused a huge economic loss.  Or one officer apologized in the press release for his responsibility of mass panic, which is due to his wrong forecast of a policy’s consequences.  There are plenty of more reasons for apology.  For example, the officers may misconduct and cause some unusual phenomenon, or accidents, which had caused a huge loss for the economic development and public safety.  Even if they didn’t have caused any accident, they will still apologize for his conduct of not-trying-his-best and not gave enough happiness to his people.

       If we analyze their apologies, they are the expressions of the officers’ regret mood and self-criticism for their misconducts.  The behavior of apology deserves our respect. Yet, according to psychological motivation, apology can be categorized as sincere or hypocritical; based on the behavior incentive, apology can be divided into active or passive; based on the purpose, apology can be differentiate as responsible or evasive; based on the result, it can be distinguished as remedial or irretrievable.  Sincere, active, responsible, and remedial apology deserves acknowledgement and praise.  However, hypocritical, passive, evasive and apology should draw our concerns.

Qinghong Zhai

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