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China offers the best treatment for the corrupt of
Date: 6/30/2006 9:13:23 AM Sender: Linlin Chen

                                    China offers the best treatment for the corrupt officials
                                                         By Linlin Chen
       Even China’s corrupt officials should love their own country.  It is because China offers the best treatment for the corrupt officials in the world.  the corrupt officials have no worry to transfer the public money into their own pocket, to buy luxurious houses, to go gambling, and to let their children carry a huge amount of money to a foreign country—they have no worry to do this because China, unlike America where governmental officials must publicize their personal income and will never check their incomes.  Even American people know that some Chinese governmental officials with a monthly salary of 2 or 3 thousand Renminbi ( around 250 or 370 US dollars) may have bunches of US cash stored in their houses for a long time.  Nowadays, every investigated and confirmed corrupt officials have stored millions of dollars in their home.

       Companies’bosses, rich people and profiteers in China should also love their own country.  If there had no the collusion between the governmental officials and the businessmen, no corruption and bribery, and no one misappropriate the money in public companies and the country’s treasury, those people would had no way to become rich overnight.  That’s the reason why they should love their country and the CCP.  That’s why they hope the CCP regime will continue to control China forever and thus they can make the illegal money from generation to generation.

Linlin Chen

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