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Yan Xu: The CCP’s Control of Internet is to Suppre
Date: 6/30/2006 9:14:48 AM Sender: Yan Xu

                          Yan Xu: The CCP’s Control of Internet is to Suppress Freedom of Speech

       Although the CCP reiterates that they will “run the country according to law,” the freedom of speech for citizen deteriorates rather than advance. They use execrable methods to suppress internet comments and websites. But this resort will not really control Chinese people’s criticism. The new criticizers will constantly emerge. Where the freedom of speech does comes from? The freedom of speech must become people’s daily normal status.    

       If the CCP wants to solve the concrete tough problems China faces, they must allow people to speak out. They must first acknowledge the freedom of speech, and give all of the legal rights back to people. The only way for China to “run the country according to law” is to realize real freedom of speech and democracy. Thus, China’s political and economic opening and reform can go smooth. And a real stable and harmonious society will be built.

Yan Xu

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