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Yan Xu: Hope Chinese Journalists Will All Have Con
Date: 6/30/2006 9:15:57 AM Sender: Yan Xu

                         Yan Xu: Hope Chinese Journalists Will All Have Conscience and Sense of Justice

       Happy New Year to any Chinese journalists with conscience and sense of justice! Though you are not the governmental officials who possess a great power and have no right to punish the viciousness of society and handle the dissensions of citizen, as a journalist, you should armed yourselves with conscience, a strong sense of justice and awe-inspiring righteousness, performing a journalist’s duty; truly, fairly, objectively expressing the voice of ordinary people, and using the power of media to defense the deserved right of reader. We believe, if any media’s journalists will have the sense of righteousness and justice as you do, always concerning people’s sufferings, daring to express the voice of people and discovering the defects and shadow of the society, this media will be welcomed and loved by all kinds of people in society.

       If you use your pen as a gun, then every word would become a bullet. As a special gunman, if you discover the truth, virtuousness, and beauty, you can fire you gun toward the sky to cerebrate; if you discover the fakeness, ugliness and viciousness, whatever how harsh and dangerous the situation is, you should go against it bravely without any hesitation, and shoot your righteous bullets into the heart of the evil.

Yan Xu

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