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Yan Xu: Terminate the CCP’s Tyrannical Ruling
Date: 6/30/2006 9:17:09 AM Sender: Yan Xu

                                        Yan Xu: Terminate the CCP’s Tyrannical Ruling

      According to China’s current situation, terrorism is directly related to CCP’s collective evil behavior. We cannot only blame the consequences the unstable factors bring, rather than that, we should first scrutinize carefully whether the existence of the CCP members have already deteriorate China’s social environment.

      There is only one-way out: only by terminating CCP’s tyrannical ruling can we avoid more unstable factors, annihilate the inevitability of terrorism before it sprout, and attain a better condition for better development. Yet, the CCP’s officials always claim the policy of stable development to delude its subject. In fact, they are despicable and the very reason to hinder the overall development of the country. They are able to claim white is black or black is white; they are used to making lies and being ferocious to the weak group. They also are mostly scared when their subject one day discover their true face, form a unified power and says no to them. Ironically, the CCP members believe they are able to completely eliminate any unstable factors despite  the fact that they are actually creating the unstable social environment.

      Therefore, we should terminate CCP’s evil ruling at the early period, to make the CCP lose their tyrannical power, behave themselves, and to be punished by the law.

Yan Xu

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