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The Issues of China’s Agriculture,Rural Residence
Date: 7/1/2006 9:04:02 AM Sender: By: Changjiang Hu

                   The Issues of China’s Agriculture,Rural Residence and Farmer Deserve People’s Concern
                                                       By: Changjiang Hu

     The issues of China’s agriculture, rural residence and farmer are particularly drawing people’s concern. During a long period, the policy for the development of rural area and cities decides a very big economic gap between countries and cities. China’s new leader group has taken lots actions to try to reduce the burden on the farmers these years. To some extent, the reform of rural tariff and the increase of the price for foodstuff have increased farmer’s income. But we should distinctly realize that those three issues are far from being solved. In many cases, the higher rank of government’s decision cannot be reached to the lower level, especially to the country district. Many policies that are made favorably to farmers cannot really reach them, but only benefit those district corrupt officials. Farmers don’t have the power to act against the district officials. And there are plenty of examples. For instance, the disputed issue of “Three Gorges dam” project, which acclaimed “the project of century,” is now doubted by more and more people because it cost a huge number of labor force and fund, destroyed the environment, and forced a large amount of people to move. Of course, there are more: in order to build the alleged “the development of the western region’s sign project ” of HanYang hydroelectric station, the government forced a mandatory deconstruction of buildings and re-settlement. Such a behavior caused thousands of people’s demonstration. The problems of city reconstruction have been constantly reported by media in recent years. The government official cannot get a complete solution for a long period Corruption problem.

     The existence of farmer’s problem also explains China is a one-party society; it lacks democratic foundation because people are unable to really participate and affect the government’s decision. The ordinary people don’t have the right to speak out of the problems that are directly related to their everyday life. Their voices are too weak so that the government cannot or don’t want to hear , decision-making authority is not in citizen’s hand.

Changjiang Hu

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